Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Date Night

I've always been big on date nights but after Lois was born, I underestimated the struggle leaving two kids at home.
The cost of a babysitter, not wanting to leave a very small baby and just the sheer effort it took to get ready with a toddler asking every other minute, "where are you and daddy going?" while your infant demands to be held. But Lois has hit an age of predictability and we have been making up for lost time the last two weekends. We've had a few date nights in the last 5 months but we're ready to make it more of a frequent event again.

This weekend Chris Rock was in town and we were really excited to see him live. He was inappropriate, socially relevant, and absolutely hilarious. The great thing about dating in Denver is that most musicians, comics and shows make Denver a tour stop. The date night opportunities are endless. We have plans to see Big Sean and Chance the Rapper this Spring and Summer and we are pumped. I'll be getting back to posting more date night outfits, makeup and ideas! P.S shout out to all of our trust worthy babysitters. None of these dates would be possible without you!

My sweater is now longer available in brown online but other colors here. These pants were super comfortable and the trench coat hoodie is old and from Forever 21 for under 50 bucks. 

Denver has been flirting with Spring weather and I'm taking complete advantage, toes be free!

Because most of my days at home with the girls include a head scarf, no makeup and fuzzy socks. So I look forward to doing a full face of makeup. Big hair, fake lashes and highlight for your life!!! Sharing some of my date night staples below.

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