Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Arkansas 2017

Old Arkadoo!! This is where my childhood memories live. Every summer spent here with my brother visiting our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Now we bring our children here, making new memories in this quiet town that will always have our hearts. This was Noelle's third time in Arkansas and Lo's first. She got to meet another part of her family and Noelle tried hard remembering everyone's name. Lois did several new things on our visit including rocking back and forth on her knees, someone's ready to move. These five days went extremely fast but I managed to snap some shots to remember it. 

We were able to visit at the same time as my brother and his family which was perfect. Noelle got to play with her boys and we got to snuggle my sweet nephew Javon. I'm pretty sure I'll want to do it like this from now on. We had a crawfish boil while we were there and I would have eaten as many as I could open but then my stomach would have hated me. So GOOD!!

Hot Springs, Arkansas is always a must when we visit. We stopped for ice cream, went up to the look out point and got some water from the springs to bring back to town. 

Noelle spent so much time outside jumping on the trampoline that I am now convinced we need one. I have been thinking about getting an in ground one for our backyard but figured Noelle may be too young for it now. I was proven wrong this past week and now will go to work on Tj! 

This trip was much needed, soaking in as much of my Grandma and family as we could. We are now gearing up for a busy year of travel. Next month we head to Seattle and Vancouver with our friends. In June we head back to Orlando and Tj and I set off for an early anniversary trip in Belize. In July, a very special wedding in Houston and Portugal with friends in November. God is so good!!
What city or town holds these kinds of memories for you?

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