Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lo's 5 Month Update

Lo Lo Baby!!! Such a happy girl! She smiles at pretty much everyone and everything.
Grabbing hair and taking names. Her Bumbo seat has been a God send lately. She is finally allowing me to put her down and get things done. She's not a huge fan of tummy time but will do it now without immediately crying. Sleeping was getting a little better and then she got another cold, so we are currently battling a snotty nose and cough (again). She can't get well quick enough because we are so ready to have her out of our room and into her sister's. But we are thanking God that it's just a cold, we know things could be much different. We have been praying for the health of several babies we know. Perspective is so important in our house.

To be honest, I am a little concerned about how the sleep training is going to go this time around because we have been co-sleeping, which we did not do with Noelle. Plus, she will be moving out much later than Noelle did. But I do feel like we've hit a really sweet spot. I have gotten really comfortable taking both the girls out and even without being an hour late to everything. Lois is really interactive so Noelle has had a blast entertaining her while I cook breakfast in the morning and do little chores around the house. Lois is not feeling the car seat these days so we rely heavily on her current favorite toy. This shake and sing elephant from Vtech gets her attention immediately and usually makes traveling much easier.

Bath time has become one of Lo's favorite things. Splashing and giggling the entire time. This Angelcare baby bath is great because it does not trap water or bacteria and is super easy to clean, plus it's very affordable. We've been using it since Lo was a tiny peanut and I'm sure we'll use it until she's able to sit up in the tub. It's light weight and perfect for carrying one handed with a baby in the other.

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