Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dining Room Plans

A dining table may not seem like such a big deal for most but I for one am over the moon about this addition to the house. We have not had a dining room table since we lived in Orlando. With doing the travel nursing gig there was no need or room for it. Once we decided Denver would be our landing place we knew we wouldn't purchase one until we moved into our permanent residence. Well here we are, a decision made and a place to gather with our family. We went with a Galvin top to break up the space and create a space that felt fresh. The wood legs tie in perfectly with our peninsula butcher top and open shelves. 

Noelle has always been a rolling stone while eating her dinner, which has made for some very long dinner times. Eating for hours while she roams the house. She is in for a rude awakening now that she will have to sit and finish her food before she gets up. I have some serious plans for this space. Lighting, bar cart in front of that beautiful window, cushions for the bench and of course chairs. We have the fabric for the bench in a dark gray and we will be on the hunt for light colored chairs. For lighting we have new recessed lights that were placed during the renovation but we need to decide on the center light that needs to be replaced. 

I can see it now!! Fresh hydrangeas from the farmer's market every weekend filling this table with life. 

Dining Table Details

Dining Table/Chargers/Napkin Rings/Coasters soldout from Target/Flatware/Geo Terraium 

Dinner parties will be lit!!! 

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