Friday, January 6, 2017

Travel Baby Gear Must Haves

Call me crazy but I decided to travel to Orlando BY MYSELF with the girls this week! I know, I've lost all my marbles but all in the name of love!
My best friend's mother who I've known for over 20 years is having a big birthday party and I wanted to be there to show my love for her and her family. And coming to Orlando is always an opportunity to see and spend time with my family.

I've teamed with The Baby Cubby to bring you my favorite travel baby gear. Traveling with children is never simple or easy but doing it alone is pretty bonkers and requires efficiency like a mother.  These products help make it bearable.

The Baby Cubby is not just another baby store. The team is made up of parents who's mission is to encourage, inspire and remind parents how amazing they are. They are a resource for other parents through their website, social media and their community blog know as Cubby Community Blog. They also price match so you know you're getting a great deal.

Travel baby gear

Some of these products you may recognize from giveaways I've done recently. The nursing cover by Covered Goods and the baby carrier by Happy Baby Wrap are definitely my faves. Of course it was inevitable that I'd have to sit next to a man on the plane while I breasted Lo, but my cover came through once again, making it a little less awkward. Well maybe not for him but I definitely felt more confident knowing I wouldn't flash him. Through the airport I pushed Noelle in the stroller while I hands free carried Lo in the wrap. I am so excited about my new diaper bag by Babymel. It's back pack design makes it so much easier to carry and anything that's hands free is ideal for me. It can be carried several ways including as a cross body bag and over the shoulder. With separate compartments it makes looking for the pacifier a breeze. Lord knows the last thing I want to be doing on the plane is shuffling through the bag to find anything for the girls. When an outburst from Lo depends on how fast you can find the pacifier, time is money (or sanity in this case).

We are a Maxi Cosi loving family. I fell in love with the design, safety features and overall look of these car seats as soon as we started shopping while pregnant with Noelle. Although the design has changed a bit since we first bought them almost three years ago, I have no doubt we'd make the same choice. The infant car seat has an anti-rebound bar and the fabric is also easily removable to wash. The Pria 70 Convertible car seat is amazing with safety features that can't be beat. This car seat can be rear and front facing and can fit kids from 9-70 pounds. Now only if Frontier wouldn't have lost them, yeah you heard me right. This trip went off without a hitch until the very end. The girls never doubled teamed me. When one was awake, the other slept soundly. They did great, the airline, not so much. 

But to end on a good note, I seriously love this diaper bag so here are more pics of what it can do. Now excuse me while I try and track down our car seats! 

Happy Friday peeps!

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