Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Talk Nelly To Me

Fearless and witty. Sour and sweet. Noelle is a real life sour patch kid! She says some of the most outlandish things to be ALMOST three.
I seriously cannot take her sometimes and a face of pure shock is all I can muster, before she is disciplined. I always tell my family how much of a mess she is and with so much family visiting over the last few months they have gotten their own taste of the sour then sweet she serves up. While my parents were visiting a newborn Lo they insisted that this was not me as a child. When Tj's parents came during Christmas, Noelle showed her true stubborn colors. Her Grandmother replied "if that isn't her daddy?". BINGO! This stubborn child of mine gets it from her father! Now I won't say that her mouth is not influenced by me but geez, where does she come up with this?

While talking one night, Noelle told her grandparents that she watched CNN. 
Noelle: I watch CNN.
Grandma: Oh really, what do you watch on CNN?
Noelle: Donald Trunk
Grandma: What do you know about Donald Trump?
Grandpa: Is Donald Trump going to be a good President of bad President?
Noelle: *with a scowl on her face* A BAD President!
I'm not making this up, I promise! 

Noelle also had a deep discussion with her Grandma about God.
Grandma: God says you should be nice to your friends and also listen to your parents.
Noelle: And God said to stop spanking.
I died!!!

Noelle wasn't listening very well which is not always unusual. One of her favorite things from Christmas were her princess dolls. So to get her attention, I took one of her dolls. She cried, we talked and I gave her back her doll. 
Tj: Why did your mom take your doll away from you?
Noelle: Because she's mean like that.
Ummm....excuse me?

Noelle is constantly being told to stop forcibly moving her sister's head. She grabs her at the top of her head and moves it back and forth. Well she did it again during dinner one night. 
Me: Noelle stop moving her head like that. 
Noelle: Just eat your food Mommy. 

So I could give you examples like this ALL DAY. She's a threenager in the making no doubt but she's still is my super sweet girl. Thanking everyone for helping her open her gifts Christmas morning and always says "oh thank you"! Introducing me as her best friend and mommy, or kissing us and telling us that we're the best. She always has a song on her heart and sings or hums constantly (though it sometimes annoys me to wine). She can be a tough child to parent but Tj and I are up for the challenge, I think we'll keep her!

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