Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Noelle's 3rd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to our Nelly, our sour patch kid is 3 years old today!!! To celebrate I'm sharing the pics from her princess themed party this weekend. Noelle has recently been certified princess crazy and is all about the crowns, gowns and shoes that come with playing dress up. So when it was time to search for a theme, the choice was pretty obvious. Obvious like being asked to have a princess party several times over. After spending hours on Pinterest, I was able to turn our living room into a royal dress up party with princess popcorn to match the occasion. 

The red carpet idea from Pinterest was just too much to pass up, I had to do it. There were stations for the kids to go around and pick up all their necessities to become royals. I made sure to provide the guys with swords and gliders to keep them busy as well.  

Tj and I surprised Noelle the morning of the party with a new princess dress and shoes. Beauty and The Beast is my favorite Disney movie of all time so naturally I've been playing the movie for Noelle for the last few weeks. I now believe that she loves Princess Belle as much as I do. 

Sleeping Beauty's Dress Boutique. 

Cinderella's Shoe Shoppe. 

 Bippity Boppity Boo Wand Shoppe.

Belle's Beauty Parlor.

Ariel's Treasure Trove. 

A Bite with Snow White. 

This Princess Popcorn was so easy to make and was a big hit with the adults and kids. These Cinderella shoes were perfect for the display of the popcorn and another great gift to send home with the kids.

I wanted to have a corner for the parents to enjoy as well. 

Thanks to our friend Natalie for these great shots of the party. 

We are so blessed to be the parents of this quick witted girl. She is smart, funny and will talk any adult under a table. She's a social butterfly and the furthest thing from shy, we absolutely love watching her grow. Thanks again to everyone who joined us to celebrate her and for all the family and friends who have sent their love and gifts her way. 

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