Monday, January 16, 2017

Lo's 4 Month Update

Weight: 12lbs 4oz, 10th percentile
Height: 23.5 inches, 20th percentile

Pick me up or suffer the consequences. This is the law as laid down by Miss Lois Rue. I can't keep my lips off her cheeks or her off my hip. She refuses to be put down and everyone obliges her. For whatever reason month 3 seemed longer than the others but we were happy that time seemed to have slowed for just one month. We got giggles, hands to mouth, bad cradle cap and a really nosey baby this past month. If she is not facing forward she will contort her body every which way to see what she can see. She is so in love with her sister that of course her first giggle would come from playing with her sissy. 

She is not a fan of lying back and tries her hardest to sit up. She took her second trip to Orlando this past month and did great, good thing because we have more trips planned for the Spring. 


The Dairy Fairy's Arden naked all in one nursing and hands free pumping bra has been my favorite for a long while, beginning with Noelle. After returning to work it's been the ideal bra to use for pumping. Especially since one of my pumping sessions usually involves eating lunch. I will say that the bra is pricey but you get what you pay for and this bra is great quality. To get a 15% discount on the Arden or Ayla bra use this link

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