Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Basement Progress + Plans + Inspiration

Refinishing our basement is a serious commitment! It's over 1400 square feet and anyone who has taken on an unfinished basement knows this as fact. With the toys taking over our living room and dining room, we knew this project was going to have to be moved to the front of the list after our main floor was finished.

So far we've knocked down two walls, started to expose brick and dry walled most of the stucco walls. It is so huge and every space needs work. It will be a hodge podge space encompassing an entertainment space, another guest room, laundry room/bathroom, play space and a wine cellar. I know, it's a lot to take on but maybe that's why I'm so excited about it. The transformation will be incredible and I cannot wait to have carpet on one floor of the house (never thought I'd say that).

This space will be used for entertainment and our second fireplace will be on full display. I want it to be cozy and inviting. I envision watching movies on the couch and playing on the floor on a really fuzzy rug. Pictures of our many travel adventures will line the walls. 

My inspiration 

This space will most likely serve as the play space. There's a desk from Ikea that I already have in mind to add and lots of other elements I'd like to incorporate including a chalkboard.

Kid space inspiration

 Our current laundry space includes a very small, very interesting bathroom and will definitely get a much needed makeover. I am stoked about this laundry sink and having it refinished. 

Laundry room inspiration, because you know I love a funky floor.

The guest bedroom is taking shape the fastest but I haven't quite figured out what I want the design to be. 

 As we design the space there is one thing that remains constant and it's our love for the fresh wave gel packs in the basement. These odor eliminators use the power of nature to eliminate the odors in your home using plant oils and water. I was first introduced to Fresh Wave when I attended my first favorite things party with Denver Metro Moms Blog. They sponsored a giveaway and I was a lucky winner. We've loved them ever since and when Fresh Wave reached out to me to help spread the word about the 3 8oz gel value pack at Costco for $9.99, it was a no brainer because we had just purchased it ourselves!! So to all my Denver area folks, visit your local Costco for this amazing deal while supplies last!

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