Monday, December 12, 2016

Lo's 3 Month Update

Baby Lo is the sweetest! She absolutely loves being talked to, especially by her big sister. She looks at her with the most loving eyes as if she knows already that they are going to be best friends. We are in the "don't you dare put me down" stage. She's so alert and wants to watch me do everything. She is pretty easy going but wants all the attention!! It was a big month for Lois as she made her first flight and got to meet so many family and friends including her new cousin and god brother.

We are in size two diapers and only getting up twice during the night which is making mommy a human again, just in time for me to return back to work. She is wearing three month clothing already which sounds normal to most but very different for us considering her sister didn't get in them until four or five months old. It is still so crazy to see four stockings hanging on the mantel for our family. 

Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover is the best nursing cover I have ever used! It is super soft and the coverage can't be beat. It is the original four-in-one nursing cover that can be used as a nursing cover, scarf, carseat cover and cart cover. I recently used it on Lo's first trip to Orlando and I was blown away by the comfort and privacy it gave me feeding Lois in the airport, on the plane, and out and about. I would recommend it to ANY mom who isn't quite comfortable feeding uncovered. I have realized the second time around that I am a little more comfortable feeding in public and not afraid to be looked at strangely but at least I know my baby won't expose me this time around. 

I'm so honored to have partnered with Covered Goods to do a GIVEAWAY of their awesome nursing cover!!! Stayed tuned to my Instagram (@mrshazleyandababy) for contest rules today!


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