Friday, December 16, 2016

House Tour Christmas Edition

It's almost time!!! Our family comes in this weekend and we are so excited to celebrate the birth of Christ in this beautiful space with them! It's sure to be a fun filled week, though Denver's weather has got something in store for these Florida folk. I've got the Christmas flavored coffee creamer and thanks to Simply Earth it smells like Christmas too!

I am so grateful to God to be in a home again for the holidays. Decorating was a lot of fun and next year I plan to spill the decorations into more rooms, especially the girls' room!!

I promised Noelle and my mom that we would do a more kid friendly tree next year (and every year following) but this year it's an ombre silver to gold.

We got our open shelves up in the kitchen and I am so in love!! Our contractors Jud and Seth are the best!

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