Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Family Christmas Photos 2016

 It's hard to believe that this time last year we were planning to expand our family and here we are as a family of four! I am so grateful to have these images of such a magical time for us. This Christmas season has been so much fun with Noelle and I am so excited for Christmas morning. We've had lots of conversations about what Christmas really means and read books about who we are celebrating. But of course that doesn't mean Santa Claus isn't on the brain. Noelle is asking for pretty much everything she see's and because it's Christmas time we thought we'd be able to use Santa as a scapegoat, not so much! 
Noelle: "I want that!" (points to TV)
Tj: "Maybe you can ask Santa to bring it to you for Christmas?"
Noelle: "No, we just need to go to the store and buy it."
Well there's that......

 I love this picture!! Lo giving you the real behind these shoots! Not pictured, her spitting up all over the place and us scrambling for the blanket. Noelle, grumpy from being woken up in the middle of her nap and me panicking that these pictures were going to be a disaster. But thank God Noelle turned it on and put on her half sleepy smile for our friend and photographer from church Jessica!

On her wish list:
-Pretty much everything Princess! Specifically, Tiana, Rapunzel, Bell, Aireal, and Elena of Avalor
-Troll toys
-Mickey Mouse toys (including Minnie-Rella)
-My Little Pony
-Paw Patrol 
As we wrote her letter to Santa she kept saying, "Ooo last one"!

Wishing your family much love and joy this Christmas season!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

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