Friday, November 18, 2016

Master Bedroom Inspiration & Plans

So all I have is this one image, this one glorious picture! I had been wrecking my brain over what I wanted our master bedroom to look and feel like, searching Pinterest for what felt like hours on end. Most of the rooms I found were a little too cold or too warm. I wanted it to feel warm and cozy but also light and airy. A concept that seemed hard to capture. I looked all over for something that would look something like this wood ceiling. I found it but quickly realized that it wouldn't work on our odd shaped ceiling. I am still deciding whether or not to accent a wall with it. I absolutely love the pop of color in the bedroom bench.  

It took so long for us to move into the room because we had to get the crown molding done first before I could paint. The room has a really unusual shape and the crown molding had to be done professionally, it was not an easy task. We went with pure white on the crown molding and base boards and off white on the walls. I didn't realize until after I painted that our headboard was not gray.  I wanted some contrast between the wall and headboard but didn't get that with the off white. The paneling would be a perfect solution. We already have an entertainment system and making book case that we got from Home Goods awhile back. It's a distressed blue color so I will build off of that. 

Master Bedroom plans

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