Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Decorations this year came in the form of a few pumpkins on the inside and some spider web outside. I wanted to do so much more but time just didn't permit. Also because I thought I had a lot more stuff in storage. Next year I'll do better! 

Noelle's Doc McStuffins outfit was her special gift from baby sister on the day of her birth. She loved it so much we knew it would also double as her halloween costume. She was stoked to put it on and couldn't fall asleep during nap time because she was so excited to trick or treat. She stayed in character all. night. long. Repeating "the doc is in" to every person who gave her candy and not answering to anything but Doc McStuffins. She also refused to call me anything else but Minnie Mouse.

 I had planned a whole Doc McStuffins family costume but it didn't work out unfortunately. Again, next year!

Minnie Mouse was the easiest to put together and I literally decided on it an hour before we left the house. I knew Noelle had an old Mickey Mouse baby hat that I could put on Lo and she could be my Mickey! 

We headed out in our new neighborhood to check out the halloween festivities. It was amazing!! They shut down an entire block and the businesses handed out candy. The surrounding homes go all out with decorations and the candy is endless. This will be a tradition for sure!

 It was so much fun seeing Noelle recognize all her favorite characters! She couldn't wait to talk to Princess Anna!

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