Friday, November 4, 2016

Guest Bedroom Inspiration & Progress

So I'm pretty much obsessed with this bedroom from Ave Styles. When I first came across it on my Pinterest I knew immediately that I had to model one of our rooms after it.
I decided to remake this beautiful space for our guests. My parents were our first guests in our new home but the space was only painted at that time with nothing but the mattress put together. Since they've left we've made it our temporary sleeping quarters while we waited for our master bedroom to get crown molding and be painted (can't wait to show you the inspiration for that space). We've gotten another house guest so we've started up the work again.
I am struggling searching for something similar to this Ju Ju feather hat on the wall. It is really expensive so I've been on the search for an accent piece that gives the room the same feel. I am also on the look out for a chair to give alternate seating other than just the bed. 

 Here is the space before. The room seemed awfully dark while in the space. There is only one window so it was really important for me to use the whitest of whites on the walls to brighten it up. We've added new crown molding and painted every inch.

Now that we have the basics I am so excited to add more pieces to make it feel more homey. We will eventually replace the ceiling fan but that will happen after the winter since it won't be in use anyway. Below are the pieces we've added so far. Home Goods and Target will have a hold on my wallet for a hot minute. Does anyone know where to get a reasonably priced fake tree?

Guest Bedroom Details

Happy Friday guys!!! 
Any fun plans for the weekend? My bestie Blair is here and I am so excited to get out for a girl's night!! Sushi and wine are definitely on the list. We've got more construction happening on the house this weekend so that's also super exciting. Thank you for reading and your support friends!! Have a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

Do you have a Ross, Old Time Pottery or Hobby Lobby? Check their for some funky, unique sitting pieces. You'll be surprised what Ross gets in sometimes.