Friday, October 14, 2016

Talk NELLY To Me

Lord ya'll what am I gonna do with this girl?! We have moved into new territory and one that has me wondering how in the world we will survive the year of the "threenager" that will soon come upon us! Noelle is all spice and a dash of something nice. Don't get me wrong, she is still as sweet as pie when she wants to be, but those moments are seeming to be taken over by looks that could kill. She is challenging me on everything and I am trying so hard to not grow weary. I try so hard not to burst into laughter as she counters with wit that belongs to someone 6 times her age or respond to her with pure anger.

Noelle says "no" like it's going out of style. However, she is well aware that she not to tell her mother no, does that stop her? Of course not.
Me: Noelle stop it.
Noelle: NO (with face to match)!
I look at her with disapproving eyes…..
Noelle: I said nose, I said my nose. Nose, I said nose! (While pointing at her nose)
I almost died! I looked at my mother in shock that this girl was so quick on her feet.

Noelle is super affectionate towards her sister and a little too helpful. During bath time with both of the girls Noelle was pouring water on Lo's head. I told her not to and she did it again.
Me: I said no!
Noelle: I said yes!

While Grandma and Grandpa have been visiting they've had the pleasure of seeing all sides of Nelly, including the infamous tude I've told them so much about. One of my mom's favorite sayings has been "don't tell me what to do" with a face to boot. Other favorites have been "don't touch my hair" or pretty much no to anything with a "no I won't" to accompany.

Toddlers, God bless them, and the parents that are able to stay sane during this time in their lives!!

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