Friday, October 21, 2016

Lo's 1 Month Update

If we're being real this is what Lo's 1 month situation looks like. No room to call her own just yet but she doesn't seem to mind. Easy going and cute as a button! 

Lo loves being held and talked to. She hates having her hair washed and being kissed is not her favorite. She flinches every time, isn't pretty hilarious. She requires one arm out of her swaddle and is a big smiler in her sleep. 

She's such a great addition and we can't get enough of her, including her sister who refuses to stay out of her face. I know Lois is not old enough to give purposeful smiles but I swear she grins every time her big sister is near. 

So this time around I still want to give you my favorite products each month. But instead of giving you the same ones as last time, I will highlight at least one new product and give you a detailed review. I will link my favorites from Noelle's monthly updates so you are still able to see the things I loved each month. Find here.  


We announced Lo's birth with the berry and bloom muslin swaddle blanket from Little Unicorn and I got so many compliments on the blanket. They are not your average swaddle blankets, with prints that range from bison to flamingos. They are super soft  and get softer with each wash. They are also made with more material to continue swaddling your baby even after they leave the immediate newborn stage. 

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