Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 38

I cannot believe Lo is now on the outside but before I give you guys the birth story I figured I would finish out the pregnancy updates. Week 38 was all about spending some serious family of 3 time before our little lady came. Oh and so came the stretch marks around my belly button. WTH?! How does this happen in the last dog on week and I swore it was mostly genetics that determined whether or not you got them. My mom has none so there for…..ugh whatever. 

We spent the day before our induction exploring our new soon to be neighborhood and had our last dinner as a party of 3 that night. 

We enjoyed at great dinner at Denver Chop House! Tj and I mostly talked about how different our lives would be in just a short couple of days. I drew our family for Noelle on the table and it worried me as she immediately scratched out her sister, but then she proceeded to scratch us all out! 

As much as I would have preferred for Lo to stay in as long as possible, I was done with being pregnant. This last week was so not fun getting dressed or working 12 hour shifts. My feet seemed permanently swollen, Lo's movements had hit the uncomfortable stage for the last couple weeks and did I mention I was over working 12 hour shifts? Birth story coming soon, stay tuned!
Hope you all are having a great weekend :)

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