Thursday, September 1, 2016

Week 36

We are officially full term over here! But let's take a look back at week 36 and how it tried my life in several ways, let's count them shall we?

1. A diagnosis of pregnancy induced carpal tunnel was made. I knew something was off about my right hand and after talking to the doctor, she determined that's what it was. Such a strange thing but it is supposed to get much better soon after I deliver. 

2. Just about EVERY shoe in my closet has hit me with the "girl please" this week. 

3. Pregnant nose and lips made their official appearance just in time for our maternity shoot. I do have to say I am so grateful they held off this long. 

4. Week 36 also started our NSTs (non-stress tests) and as I remember, they are real time suckers. But thank God she has been looking great.

Some really great things happened this week as well. Tj and I had what may very well be our last date night, I had an awesome girls night out and of course we did our maternity shoot with Natalie Elizabeth!!!

Growth update:
Ok so things have changed. Because this week I am full term the doctors will now decide to induce me if at any appointment Lo shows signs of distress on her NST or she falls below the 10th percentile growth wise. We are having to be prepared at every appointment knowing that it could be the day. At the last growth ultrasound she was in the 11th percentile so we don't have much wiggle room. We are just praying that God's will is done and we are both safe (while frantically getting everything ready). It was a pretty emotional week learning that this may be our fate but I really trust that God knows what He's doing. Please pray for us as we enter the unknown. 

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