Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Big Sister Nelly

We couldn't wait to see how Noelle would be as a big sister and she was pretty much exactly what we expected. Lots of kisses, covering her with blankets and shocker, sharing all her favorite toys with Lo.
We were a little nervous when the first reaction to her were these faces you see below. But once we got out of her face with cameras and let her warm up to Lo, she immediately whispered that she loved her and gave her the sweetest kiss. Noelle is not one for a show, unless it involves singing and dancing, then she's all about it.

Once we got home we were concerned that she would not want to sleep in her own room because of the baby being with us but surprisingly, she slept in her bed all night and we haven't had issues. Potty training regression was also a concern but so far so good!!! We have even had some advances in the last two weeks.

Now you know I'm gonna keep it one hundred with you guys. As cute as she is with her little sister, I am so sick of saying "be gentle" and "be careful" and it's only been two weeks!!! Lord we have a long way to go. But I would much rather this than saying "don't hit your sister", which I'm sure will come later! I have to watch her like a hawk because of how much she loves loving on her. Tj and I have been cracking up at her attentiveness to Lois. If she hears her crying, she will immediately run to her side asking "what's wrong Lo Lo?". She offers to feed her with "her milk" while lifting up her shirt! It's so cute, I can't take it. She has been so understanding about the attention Lois requires and I am blown away that at just two years old she can be so selfless. I try my hardest to give her as much attention as I possibly can and cuddle her when my arms are free of Lo. She has certainly always been a daddy's girl but seems to want to follow him every time he heads for the door. It has been hard having to split the attention but this is just our new way of life and I will have to be much more intentional with my time. We have already started referring to them as best friends, I hope it sinks deep into her soul!

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