Wednesday, September 7, 2016

BIG News!!!

The Hazleys are buying a house!!!! 
And not just any house, a 1922 bungalow fixer upper in an incredible location! We are so incredibly blessed and cannot believe we get to live here. Plus we didn't have to get into a huge bidding war which is a whole other subject because the Denver housing market is completely b-a-n-a-n-a-s! The next question you may be ready to ask me is, "Leah are you completely nuts? You are due any day now!".
And the answer is quite simple, YES! But what the hey, when God has something for you, it is for you. We had every plan to wait until after Lo came but Tj showed me the listing and I couldn't resist checking it out. So, we did and from that point on we could feel God was opening up doors that we could not ignore just because the timing would not be ideal. I could write you a book about God's timing but instead I'll just give you a little detail on how this all happened.

Our home in Orlando was challenging to sell. Despite all the interest we got and the great location, it was on the market for 6 months and we had 3 failed contracts. Our relator and friend Patrick had never seen anything like it. He was amazing and did everything is his power to get a deal done but it was not at all him. God had other plans and we knew He must be wanting us to wait. Every time we got under contract in Orlando we would start looking here and then things wouldn't work out back home. It was pretty frustrating to be honest but after awhile, I in particular really had to let go and let God. Our fourth offer was a cash one and just like that, a week after the offer was accepted, the deal was DONE!!! I didn't even have time to process it and it was over. We saw soooo many homes here and put in two offers that didn't work out. After we lost the last house by a measly $1,001 I was ready to just take a break and wait for the baby to come. Lo and behold (hehe) God had other plans. His perfect timing has lead us here. I seriously loved this home from the pictures alone and when we went and saw it I couldn't help but dream about the work we could do with it.

The owners were an older couple who had owned the home for 30 years, they loved our offer letter and we had an accepted offer within 24 hours! Floored, we prayed long and hard about the decision, making sure that we were doing the right thing.

The charm on this bad boy is undeniable and we are so excited to get started.

The door knobs have to be one of my favorite things about the house.

We close next week and if you follow me on Pinterest, this news may not be a shocker to you. I have been going H.A.M on the pinning, I've also dropped some hints on Snapchat (mrshazleybaby)! I am so excited to add this adventure to the blog and I can't wait to share with you all the progress and inspiration for the space. I have been dreaming of nothing but paint colors and light fixtures since we started this process. Our first projects are the kitchen and downstairs bath. With the arrival of Lo and a fixer upper, things are sure to get interesting around here. Eeeekkk, so excited!! God is better than good!!!!

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