Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weeks 33 & 34

Holy moly donut shop, things are moving right along and though I feel like the thirties have been creeping by, the truth is we're moving closer to an "any day now scenario". And let me just say, I'M NOT READY!!!!! Like seriously, how are we about to have two children? Noelle has been having more and more days as a typical two year old with being quite defiant, crying for no apparent reason, and refusing to stay in her big girl bed. She's killing me slowly and just in time for another BIG change. Not only am I not ready mentally but we have only bought a few diapers and wipes. Granted it's another girl so things should be a lot less stressful when we decide to kick things into gear. 

I am officially too swollen for my wedding rings so I have started wearing them around my neck. My hands and feet are swollen a lot more often now and some shoes are impossible to get on. I can del myself slowing down some which is kind of bothering me. I am notoriously a fast walker at work and it just ain't happening, the waddle is in full effect! I go from having lots of energy to do play dates and get stuff done around the apartment some days to struggling to get off the couch other days. Which I guess is to be expected this late in the game. Getting dressed has started to become a little annoying but I am really excited to get dressed up for some upcoming events in these last few weeks. My energy is waning but I'm still hanging in there and not yet completely over being pregnant. 

Growth update:
In the last update, I stated that Baby Lo was still in the 50th percentile. WELL…..I got a call from the doctors office with some different information. They placed her on a different scale to compare her size and she is in the 14th to 20th percentile. Imagine my surprise, we've got another peanut! I've got to tell you, I was a little disappointed to hear that this meant more frequent growth ultrasounds, but we'll do whatever we have to to make sure Lo is growing as she should. I feel a little more comfortable this time knowing that we are checking her growth and my placenta with ultrasounds more frequently and not just relying on non-stress tests to monitor movement. The next growth ultrasound is at 35 and 37 weeks. After the 37 week ultrasound, we should know more about weather or not I can go into labor on my own without induction. I was told that the concern is when babies drop below the 10th percentile and intervention is guaranteed under the 5th. I on the other hand have gained more weight this time around, 17lbs to date. With Noelle I gained a total of 14lbs. Come on Lo, get your weight up!!!

We have some really exciting things coming up for the rest of this month. Including a BIG announcement, two great collaborations, plus shoots with my favorite photographer Natalie Elizabeth. Stay tuned :) Hope you guys are having a great week!

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