Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Weeks 31 & 32

 HALLELU!!!!! I passed my 3 hour glucose test! I'd heard it was pretty awful and they were not lying. The four needle sticks alone were enough for me to say the hell with it and walk out. Not much has changed in these last two weeks, other than my reflux being on TEN!!! But I have started to feel pregnant. Things like tiring easier and just feeling heavy. I am surprised that I haven't had any round ligament or hip pain this time around. I've had maybe two days of sciatica but nothing major. I made my last plane ride to Orlando and we have no more plans for travel until after baby arrives. Which means we're on operation get Noelle potty trained!! We've got lots of plans for the rest of the summer and lots of fun and exciting things coming up for the blog that I can't wait to share with you guys. 

Every time someone asks me how much longer I have, I feel like the answer should be eternity. For some odd reason this part of my pregnancy seems to be going super slow. Unlike with Noelle when I thought the 20's were forever and a day. All the traveling has definitely made it go faster but now that we're grounded I think things may go to a very slow creep. 

Growth Update: 
Baby girl is still in the 50% percentile and growing steadily! Praise God!!! Our next growth ultrasound is at 36 weeks and if all is well with her size I can go into labor on my own, which has been a huge prayer of mine this time around. And oh yeah I haven't told you guys yet but we have a name!!!!!! Thinking of revealing it this week on the blog :) Hope you guys are having a great week!

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