Monday, August 29, 2016

Mommy & Me

As we bring this summer to a close, I always want to remember what it was like when it was just me and her. I know she will never remember life as an only child but if I can share anything from this time with her it would be our unbreakable bond. I love her much more than words can describe. She has taught me so many things. Patience, understanding, and love on a whole other level just to name a few. I'm sure there will be things I miss about this stage in our lives and most likely remembering back on how easy it was with just one but both of our lives are sure to be made richer with the arrival of her sister. I thank God for choosing me as her mother!

We met our amazing photographer Natalie Elizabeth at our favorite neighborhood ice cream shop to shoot. Inside Scoop Creamery is located on Platte St. in LoHi Denver. They have two locations and the handmade ice cream is incredible. My dress was provided by Pink Blush Maternity where they have a large selection of cute maternity clothes. The material is very breathable and so soft. I could probably live in this maternity dress.  

Thanks to all who made this shoot possible, they are memories we will treasure forever!

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Natalie Elizabeth said...

Loved everything about this session... thanks for letting me be a part of your journey and capturing this special mother-daughter moment.