Monday, August 22, 2016

Hot Springs & A Moose Hunt

It was on the to do list to make it to the mountains at least once this summer before the baby came and we finally did it. We made our way to Steamboat Springs for first time and got to enjoy one of the hot springs. I of course couldn't stay submerged above the waist for long but it was still amazing. Besides all the bees, it was the knees. 

So my motivation for this trip was to finally see a moose. I was told about a moose festival in Walden and it pretty much determined our entire trip. Once we arrived to our destination for the night in Steamboat, I knew it was fate. There were moose EVERYWHERE in this cabin!!! It was totally a sign and I took it for nothing less. 

At the moose festival we learned all about moose and how to find them. Noelle made crafts, we rode a moose ride and heard about several moose sightings in the area. 

My girl with her moose ears. 

As we made our way towards home we saw several cars pulled over to the side. Good thing I wasn't driving because I almost lost it!!!! It was the three bulls we had heard about earlier in the day. They were HUGE and I geeked for several minutes before getting myself together only to realize I left my camera battery back at the apartment we rented. I was so sad I wouldn't be able to get the pictures I really wanted but I was too busy admiring them to care too much.

Certified Moose-ologist!

Is there an animal you would freak out if you had the chance to see? Don't leave me out here by myself!! Haha!

 Happy Monday friends!!

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