Monday, August 1, 2016

Cousin Love

Our last trip to Orlando for awhile was short but as sweet as ever! My brother and his wife welcomed my new nephew a few days before we got there and we were overjoyed to meet him. It was going to be Noelle's first time around a baby and she did so great with him! She wanted to hold, kiss and hug him as much as we allowed her. She argued with his big brothers to get in a turn. I was so relieved that she could care less when I was holding him. It was our first glimpse at how she is going to be with her sister. Let's just say, we'll have to keep an close eye on her. By the end of the first day, she told me that she loved him! Javon is my brother and wife's 4th boy, he's got the deepest dimples and sweetest temperament. We are so excited he is finally here!

So let me say, ish just got real! He was born just over 8 weeks from my due date and now I'm slightly freaking out. I can't tell you guys how big of a deal this is! I have always hoped to have children close in age with my brother and it finally happened. My nephews have been the best cousins to Noelle and I am so excited to have a babies so close together. 

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