Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Baby #2 Name Reveal

Baby Hazley #2 has a name!!! It was easier than I thought it would be. I think I should give us more credit because I was concerned we wouldn't agree on anything up until the delivery room. We decided that while on our anniversary trip in Toronto we wouldn't come home without a name. We waited to tell everyone until we were altogether for my birthday celebration in Key West. This time we went old school (biblical old), very uncommon AND named her after two VERY loved people in our lives. Our grandparents both sadly passed months apart from each other in 2001 and shared the same name. 

My Grandfather born July 29, 1932 was a fun loving family man, the father of 5 girls and 1 boy. Married to my Grandma Ora for 45 years, he was the only Grandfather I knew and a girl couldn't have asked for a better one. As a bridge construction worker, he was a hard working man who smelled of cologne and chewing tobacco, a scent I will never forget. He loved the Dallas Cowboys and Emmitt Smith more than anyone I knew. His love for the Cowboys is why I will forever be a fan. My fondest memories will be of his laugh and sitting in his lap while in his favorite recliner chair watching the game. 

Tj's Grandmother was born Feb. 22, 1931 in Lawtey, FL. The mother of 3 girls and 2 boys, she was the glue. Fiery and fiercely independent she taught her children and grandchildren the value of an education and was never afraid to speak her mind. She was a teacher and a loving a grandmother. Her grandchildren adored her. She is missed tremendously. 

We love you Loys and Lois!!! We pray our daughter holds both your memories close to her heart and knows what an honor it is to have your namesake.

Lois Rue Hazley

Baby Lo!!! <3


Emily said...

I think it's beautiful! Love it!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh! I love it!!
Family names are so special. 💗

mountainmeli said...

What a blessed little girl she already is! So sweet to be named after two very loved people.

MrsHazleyAndABaby said...

Thank you ladies!!! Our families were really happy about it too which made us so happy!

Natalie Elizabeth said...

Love the name, Leah! You found the perfect match. Can't wait to meet her - only a few days left.

PS. You look so much like Noelle as a child! Or should I say, she looks like you!