Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weeks 27 & 28

Braxton Hicks like whoa! These two weeks have proved having a full bladder doesn't pay. Nurses know that using the restroom at work is sometimes making a conscience decision to not have a risk for falls in the hallway. These Braxton Hicks have me running to the latrine like my life depended on it. If I don't then the Braxton Hicks come along with the waddle. I am NOT big enough to be waddling yet!!! I know I said the reflux was bad the last post but come on! The food sits in my chest and threatens to expose the less than healthy choices I've been making this pregnancy. I make sure to have water by my bedside at night because if I get a tickle in my throat, the coughing could lead to way more than I bargained for. 

Bump stickers from Lucy Darling shop

What a praise report week 28 was!!! You guys know that my doc has been concerned with my weight gain and that we are watching Baby Hazley very closely because of Noelle's size. Well God is good and not only did I gain 6 lbs in the last 4 weeks (thank you Ensure and Toronto) bringing my total weight gain to about 10 lbs, but baby girl is in the 50th PERCENTILE!!!! She is measuring at about 2 lbs 7 oz which is just 1 oz off what is considered "normal" at 28 weeks. They do not consider intervening with induction unless babies are measuring below the 10-20th percentile. So keep praying for us because this is a great way to start our growth ultrasounds and I am so grateful. Yes LAWD!!!!

In other news I failed my glucose test :( but I am not going to worry about that. The 3hr test will give me time alone to blog!! LOL! But I trust everything will be ok and I refuse to be down about how things are going. If you ladies have any tips about how to survive the 3hr glucose test I will gladly take any advice in the comments below. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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