Friday, July 1, 2016

Week 25 & 26

This weeks adventures included picking things up from the floor, which is beginning to be like making real life decisions. It's not life or death, but I could flip a coin and be totally fine if the decision was to leave it. And the reflux is back! I remember the first time around was not a fun time and nothing has changed. Sleeping upright is becoming a normal thing for at least the first couple hours of laying down. And if I eat dinner anywhere around bedtime, forget about it. 

Week 25 involved a gnarly nose bleed in which I may or may not have thought I was gonna bleed out. It is just me or was there another huge jump between week 25 and 26? I got a charlie horse in my sleep and I was breathing like I was in labor to get through it.  

I'm feeling a little guilty that I haven't shopped for her at all. I thought for sure by now I would have gone shopping but it has been a busy summer and it hasn't been made a priority. I guess that comes with having the same sex child again, we already have so much. I know this summer is going to fly and before we know it she'll be here. We've talked about where she'll sleep and what we'll do about storage but that's about it. Talk is cheap, we had better start with the action #lastdayofsummerduedate.

Bump stickers from Lucy Darling.  

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