Thursday, July 14, 2016

In The 6 For Our 6th {Anniversary}

Yay!! Finally sharing our anniversary trip to Toronto!!! These last few weeks have been completely bonkers with packing, unpacking, washing and repeating on the to do list. We had never been to Canada and with Zika ruining most of our travel plans, we decided to head north. We started our trip in Buffalo, NY with a visit to Niagara Falls. With such a short drive into Canada we figured why not fly into Buffalo and see the falls. It was breath taking and my pictures do it no justice. It was crazy to see Canada just across the water. 

The next day we headed out to the Taste of Toronto. It was such beautiful day and the food was so good. We got to participate in a cooking class where Tj touched utensils he had never seen before. Now he won't quit talking about compound butter, in which I reply, MAKE IT YOURSELF, you know how!! 


We had no idea what we were going to get into that night but because Canadians are almost too friendly, stopping to ask someone was no big deal. This super nice lady gave us lots of suggestions and we settled on the Jazz Festival. To our surprise there was a performer we actually knew in the form of KC and The Sunshine Band!! We died laughing observing all the dance moves in the crowd. I would have snapped it if my husband would have got me the international plan -_-. Trust me when I say it was truly entertaining and we danced right along side them. 

The next morning I couldn't wait to head to the St. Lawrence market because I had heard so much about it from everyone. It did not disappoint! I tasted everything they handed out and smelled every flower. I bought the most amazing mustard that I am dying to open. We did the hop on and off bus tour through the city and picked out places to check out before we left. We even found an OVO store (Drake clothing store) because well, when in Toronto!

This trip was a little different in that there was not much planning before hand. We planned as we went, knowing some things we wanted to do for sure but nothing was set in stone. Tj is usually the planner and because we both had been so busy with work and life, it just didn't happen. We happened to hear about a sketch comedy show that had a title we just couldn't ignore. These people love them some Drake. It was hilarious and when the opening monologue included a chat "build a wall" to keep the Americans out if a particular candidate wins, I knew it was our type of show.

The day of our anniversary was another beautiful day!! We set sail one of the great lakes for views of the cities sky line. After our boat ride, we visited the distillery district to get lunch. 


 It was time for our anniversary dinner and you'll have to excuse me because I beat my face and have picture evidence. HA! The meal was amazing but even more impressive was a $500 steak on the menu. We asked our waiter to tell us how in the world that could be possible, he gave us a detailed answer and all I can say is I wouldn't go broke trying it. 

I love this man so much and as we prepare to bring another life into the world I ask that God would keep our bond strong and that we never forget what it's like to be without our children and enjoy each others company. We had such a good time connecting and being alone together. It is the way I want to continue in this marriage and I am so grateful to have someone who feels the same as I do. A happy mom and dad make a happy family and I believe that 100%! To many more anniversaries my darling!

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