Saturday, July 2, 2016

Father's Day 2016

These last two weeks have been hectic between work and travel with no end in sight quite yet. I can't wait to share our anniversary trip to Toronto with you guys but first things first. I had to post about how we celebrated Tj on Father's Day! This man is such an awesome husband and Noelle agrees that he is a exceptional father as well. I thank God for him and I am so grateful for how well he cares for us. 

We started the day with taking Noelle to see Finding Dory! This was her 3rd movie and she did so great even though it was around nap time. She held out and watched the entire movie. Can I just say that I am so excited to blame her for movies I really want to see? "Oh I think Noelle would love that movie, we have to take her!"

 That night I took Tj out on a date! Our first stop was the restaurant Gumbo's, which I had heard a lot about. Well it lived up to the hype, it was really good. Prepare to drool!

Fried green tomatoes!!!

Tj was so sweet to take me to a play for Mother's Day and though I know he enjoyed it as well I knew it wasn't his idea of the perfect date. So it was my turn to do what I knew he'd really enjoy and that was easy, beer! Although brew hopping had nothing in it for me, it was cool just hanging out with him none the less.

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