Friday, July 22, 2016

Weeks 29 & 30

Other than my reflux trying to kill me in my sleep, things have been going great! Yes, the reflux is terrible and I had another fountain of a nose bleed in week 30 (that made me look like the walking dead with blood all over my dress) but despite these things it's been a smooth ride. I have heard some horror stories about pregnancy and the fact that we have been traveling so much is proof that it hasn't been that bad. Speaking of traveling, I made the opps of not wearing compression stockings on our last flight to Orlando and drive to Key West, BIG SWOLLEN MISTAKE. The whole weekend my feet resembled watermelon and I could feel the fluid with every step, cringe! We have one more trip scheduled for Orlando this coming week and I get to meet my new nephew!!!! My doctor says that their preference is no travel after 34 weeks so I'll be cutting it close as I will be turing 32 weeks while there. We are so ready to hang out in Colorado and get ready for this little lady. 

The B I G 3-0 in Key West

Thirty!! Wow! It seems pretty surreal that I'm here. When I think about all the life I've lived it makes sense but it's still a bit strange. I am so grateful to God to be here and living the life He has blessed me with and no wrinkles! I know I wanted to do something big with friends and family to celebrate. We actually did this resort with a group of our friends and family for my 25th and we've always wanted to come back again and this was the perfect excuse. My family has always loved Key West and we vacationed there when I was I child pretty often. It is a long drive from Orlando but totally worth it.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weeks 27 & 28

Braxton Hicks like whoa! These two weeks have proved having a full bladder doesn't pay. Nurses know that using the restroom at work is sometimes making a conscience decision to not have a risk for falls in the hallway. These Braxton Hicks have me running to the latrine like my life depended on it. If I don't then the Braxton Hicks come along with the waddle. I am NOT big enough to be waddling yet!!! I know I said the reflux was bad the last post but come on! The food sits in my chest and threatens to expose the less than healthy choices I've been making this pregnancy. I make sure to have water by my bedside at night because if I get a tickle in my throat, the coughing could lead to way more than I bargained for. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

In The 6 For Our 6th {Anniversary}

Yay!! Finally sharing our anniversary trip to Toronto!!! These last few weeks have been completely bonkers with packing, unpacking, washing and repeating on the to do list. We had never been to Canada and with Zika ruining most of our travel plans, we decided to head north. We started our trip in Buffalo, NY with a visit to Niagara Falls. With such a short drive into Canada we figured why not fly into Buffalo and see the falls. It was breath taking and my pictures do it no justice. It was crazy to see Canada just across the water. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Father's Day 2016

These last two weeks have been hectic between work and travel with no end in sight quite yet. I can't wait to share our anniversary trip to Toronto with you guys but first things first. I had to post about how we celebrated Tj on Father's Day! This man is such an awesome husband and Noelle agrees that he is a exceptional father as well. I thank God for him and I am so grateful for how well he cares for us. 

We started the day with taking Noelle to see Finding Dory! This was her 3rd movie and she did so great even though it was around nap time. She held out and watched the entire movie. Can I just say that I am so excited to blame her for movies I really want to see? "Oh I think Noelle would love that movie, we have to take her!"

 That night I took Tj out on a date! Our first stop was the restaurant Gumbo's, which I had heard a lot about. Well it lived up to the hype, it was really good. Prepare to drool!

Fried green tomatoes!!!

Tj was so sweet to take me to a play for Mother's Day and though I know he enjoyed it as well I knew it wasn't his idea of the perfect date. So it was my turn to do what I knew he'd really enjoy and that was easy, beer! Although brew hopping had nothing in it for me, it was cool just hanging out with him none the less.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Week 25 & 26

This weeks adventures included picking things up from the floor, which is beginning to be like making real life decisions. It's not life or death, but I could flip a coin and be totally fine if the decision was to leave it. And the reflux is back! I remember the first time around was not a fun time and nothing has changed. Sleeping upright is becoming a normal thing for at least the first couple hours of laying down. And if I eat dinner anywhere around bedtime, forget about it. 

Week 25 involved a gnarly nose bleed in which I may or may not have thought I was gonna bleed out. It is just me or was there another huge jump between week 25 and 26? I got a charlie horse in my sleep and I was breathing like I was in labor to get through it.  

I'm feeling a little guilty that I haven't shopped for her at all. I thought for sure by now I would have gone shopping but it has been a busy summer and it hasn't been made a priority. I guess that comes with having the same sex child again, we already have so much. I know this summer is going to fly and before we know it she'll be here. We've talked about where she'll sleep and what we'll do about storage but that's about it. Talk is cheap, we had better start with the action #lastdayofsummerduedate.

Bump stickers from Lucy Darling.