Saturday, June 18, 2016

Week 23 & 24

 Week 23 was the week of the POP!!! I noticed it and so did everyone else! Baby girl is making strides but I am asking for your prayers. We will start growth ultrasounds at 28 weeks and on to make sure she is growing at the pace she should. Because I had to be induced with Noelle at 38 weeks for concern of IUGR (growth restriction) they are going to watch me very closely this time around. My prayer is definitely that this sweet girl gets to grow and stay as long as she can but also not to be induced again. It was not the way I wanted to go about my labor but things worked out they way should have and thank the Lord it didn't involve a C-section. I have only gained 5 pounds thus far which my doc is a little concerned about. I only gained 14 with Noelle and I think it's just the way my body carries babies. But I've started chugging Ensure to see if I can pack on some pounds. Hopefully all the weight doesn't go to my nose, it's coming ya'll (insert cry face emoji).
By the way I have had several very interesting conversations with my coworkers about how black women tend to get larger noses during pregnancy and their minds were blown. Mostly wondering why, so of course being nurses we did a little research and we read that black women have more fibrofatty tissue in their noses which expands during pregnancy. Weird right? Whatever the reason, I am not excited to get "the nose".

Cravings have been LEMONADE and DONUTS, but not together!

Names have been a bit of a challenge. Noelle was a complete compromise for us and there was NOTHING else on the list that we agreed upon. So….baby girl #2 may have to wait a little while longer before she is named. 

At our 24 week appointment, Noelle got to help our doc find the baby's heart beat. 

Bump stickers from Lucy Darling.

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