Monday, June 13, 2016

Talk NELLY To Me

Two years old has to be on of the best ages EVER! Yes it comes with temper tantrums (thank God we have very few of those) and declarations of independence which result in complete defiance but she is so funny!!!! I cannot get over the leaps and bounds that she makes in language and perception daily. There is NEVER a dull moment with this one and she keeps Tj and I on our toes. We just look at each other in amazement at times at what she's able to grasp. I could probably write a book on the new things she's saying but I'll break down some of our favorites below. 

One of her favorite things to do is sing and dance and if you follow my snapchat (mrshazleybaby) then you see it on my stories regularly. When she's really in a groove, she refuses to do it alone and simply reaches out her hand and says "dance with me mama" or "dance with me daddy".

It's so funny when they learn the concept of sorry. And dad's way of saying it is the way she's decided to go about it. If she does something we told her not to do and it ends up bad it's hard to get upset with her because she hits you with the "sorry bout that".

All my friends know that I have always vowed never to call my children princess or prince, just a pet peeve of mine. Well Noelle has become a self proclaimed princess dubbing herself, "I'm princess Nelly". Well there goes that!

She has been curious about names recently asked her dad and I what ours were. After she learned them, she says, "Tj, We-ah, Nelly, we are family". I just about died. 

Sometimes we have no idea where this stuff comes from. For at least two weeks, she found any reason to ask "what's going on here?" and now we have moved on to "what you doing?". Tj told me recently that they were riding the mall bus and he asked her what she was doing, she replied "oh, just looking at people".

Her imagination is growing like a weed and she loves telling me stories about going to Mars and Earth on a rocket ship. How she goes to work and comes right back. She's the furthest thing from shy and loves meeting new people. She is already giving her "sesster" hugs, kisses, pounds and high fives in the womb. Love this girl!!!

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