Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

My Mother's Day consisted of praising God, good food and a date night with the hubs! Don't know how much more I could have asked for. I really wanted hibachi so after church we went to Benihana. I gotta tell you, my Mother's day could have been much better if they didn't decide to switch their signature white sauce to a mustard sauce. What were they thinking? How could they? 

Despite this horrible business call, the food was great and it was so much fun watching Noelle experience her first hibachi style meal. 

 She wasn't sure at first. 
 But then the tricks started and she was blown away!!

After I was as full as a tick, I decided to take advantage of Noelle's nap time and lay down with her. Who am I kidding? These days I'm taking advantage of every nap time and laying down myself. Our sweet baby sitter brought me flowers and Tj and I headed out. 

 The play was downtown and though we've moved, we still live downtown but it was not an option for me to walk all that way in heels. So I paired my H&M maxi dress with a leather jacket and some black Doc Martens. For my makeup I went dark on the eyes and lips! 
 The one thing I could have done without is this huge outie of mine. UGH!!! 
 The play was hilarious, I really enjoyed it and my shirley temple. 

Hope you all had a great one as well!!!!

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