Friday, May 27, 2016

Gender Reveal #2

Two and a half weeks!!! That's how long we had to wait after our anatomy appointment to find out what we were having. We knew we had a trip home coming up and couldn't think of a better way to find out the gender then doing it with our friends and family. I struggled with the idea of doing another one but after talking to my friend Joanne who was doing her second one, she convinced me to go for it again and I am over the moon happy that we went through with it. 

It was wrenching my brain, I was having dreams almost nightly about the gender. And to make it so bad, I had the ultrasound in my possession the whole time. Knowing exactly where I placed it. We didn't give the results to a friend this time, instead we had our doctor's office contact the gender reveal company directly. Our theme was 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and because of my hectic weekend in Orlando, I only had the day of to prepare. 

Our cake was provided by my very talented friend Somaiya who took my vision and executed it perfectly. 

These amazing flowers you see were provided by my incredible friend Latoya's wedding, which is why we were in town in the first place. I was her Matron of Honor and I snatched up these bouquets after the wedding, obsessed! I will be posting pics from here insanely beautiful wedding soon :)

I blinged out the straws with cute little gold stars. 

And because this pregnancy I cannot put down the lemonade I figured I'd share my current obsession and get my Publix lemonade fix at the same time.

My sweet friend Joanne (who is also my decorating and design guru) made me the sign. I hot glued pink and blue stars to clothes pins so everyone could wear their vote. 

This was maybe too ballsy for a day of project but thank GOD for my friends who showed up and showed out. Maddy and Kendra, and even Maddy's mom worked until the last minute making these tassels and hanging them outside. There is no way I could have gotten this all done without a little help from my friends. Sheontee and Blair are my ride or dies and came through picking up balloons, cleaning and even saving the entire party, I'll tell you about that in a minute. 

My heart was pounding out of my chest!

Tj and I guessed right this time!! Baby GIRL Hazley!!!!

 Watching the video.

Though the reveal was a hit, it wouldn't have happened without my bestie Blair. Unfortunately the poppers came delivered in horrible shape with the paper coming off and confetti stuck to the clear top, revealing the gender. Blair retrieved the box and opened the box for us, knowing she might find the gender exposed but had no idea how much work it would take to get them in the correct condition, I'm sure the pressure was unreal. She delivered them to us tapped and spray painted to make sure no one would know before the timing was right. She was a party saver!!

Toasting to Baby Girl Hazley!! My Dad's speech, "Noelle was so nice, God had to do it twice"!

Part of the NC3L crew!

 My brother and his beautiful family, who happen to make all the boys!!

  Baby boy Simmons #4 coming in July! I am so excited for us to have kids so close in age!

With the god moms to both my girls!!

Thanks to all of our family and friends who drove from as far as St. Pete to celebrate Baby Hazley with us. And of course my parents for always opening their doors to our friends whenever we decide to throw a party!!

The crew!!! Just missing Erica who just added to the 1st round of brothers and sisters being born. Congrats to Erica, Charles and Carter on Baby Cooper! We missed you, thank God for FaceTime so she didn't miss the reveal :)

My prayer for Baby Girl Hazley #2! 

For you child we have prayed, we were so excited to conceive you. As soon as we set down roots in Denver, we knew we were ready for you. I dreamed you would be you, I knew another girl was awaiting to be discovered. No matter the wishes and hopes of anyone at the party, I could never be disappointed that you are GIRL. I hope to fill you with all the knowledge my mother has given me. Knowledge and wisdom that comes from a long line of incredible women. God has blessed you with parents that will love and care for you for as long as you or we live. I pray that God helps me to remember that you are your own person and never compare you to your sister. I will encourage you to be you, an individual with your own thoughts and ideas separate from your sister. I pray that no matter the differences you and your sister may have that those differences will only bring you closer. I want you both to be the best of friends, never letting anything separate your bond. I hope you confide in Noelle and comfort each other in all aspects of your life. I never wanted a sister growing up but I couldn't be more excited to be a mom to sisters.  

I pray for your help and strength. That you will know very early on who you are and never be afraid to let your light shine. That God lives in your heart and that people will know Him because of you. I pray that no matter how many times you hear how cute you are (because I'm sure you'll be just as adorable as Noelle) that that will never shape who you are. Knowing you are so much more than your outward appearance and it means nothing if you are not beautiful inside as well. I pray that you are fierce and feisty, but as respectful as they come. That no one will ever describe you as "fast" or "grown". That you take your time becoming a young lady and are in no rush. I love you more than my fingers could ever type. Though your name may be hard to figure out between me and your father, I will hide that name in my heart for as long as I live and even after. 

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