Thursday, May 12, 2016

Denver Metro Moms Post {Before 8am}

So I've told you guys that I am all about transparency, well here it is. I had the pleasure of having a perfectly nice stranger in my home to take pictures of me and my family before 8am. The morning of and even after she left I thought, what the hell did I just do? I was so worried about possibly being judged by other moms. Which is sooo not like me considering I write my own blog and usually could give a red cent about what someone thinks of me. But I am so happy that we participated. Karen made us feel very comfortable as she snapped away. My post is now live on Denver Metro Moms and I also added some extra pictures below just for you guys!! Though lots of things have changed since we did the shoot (a new apartment, announcement of a pregnancy, an office for TJ and new couch, praise HIM) we are still praising God in our "in between" time. Read about how this experience taught me something about myself.

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