Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thailand- Ko Phi Phi Island

We were so excited to get to the beach! We got to Phuket and headed directly for our island. I don't think any of us realized how long it would actually take. Our flight to Phuket was just around 2 hours. It was over an hour drive from the airport to the marina, then once on the ferry it took 90 minutes on the to get to the main island of Ko Phi Phi. Then we took a small boat to our smaller island where our resort was located. It seriously took all day and once we arrived, it was mid afternoon. We only planned for two days on the island, so there was one. We hung around the hotel the first evening because we realized once arriving to our part of the island that it would be 200 bahts per person to get a boat to the main island. It was very secluded, which some people may appreciate but we would have preferred to be where the action was. The hotel was not as impressive as we had hoped. The property was beautiful but the rooms were just aight!

The tide was low when we finally got to the hotel so they sent out tracker to get the us. It was really interesting, if you saw my snap chat, we were floored. 

Door to door service!

Picking out dinner.

Day 2 on the island we headed out at 7am to try and beat all the tourists coming in by boats for the day. It was crazy to see how much the tide made a difference in front of our hotel. It was a full on beach during high tide. Honestly we think we should have just done a day trip to Phi Phi but either way, it was beautiful!

Maya Bay, where The Beach was filmed was incredible. I didn't want to leave!

I don't think you're ready for that JELLY! But seriously, they were awful! When we got to monkey beach I thought we were goners, there were so many of them, I have no clue how not one of us got stung.

Free of jellyfish, we had the opportunity to snorkel. I didn't get in because me and snorkeling don't get along, though I regret it now because this was the best place to do it. During the other stops, I was assured by my husband that I would have panicked. But there comes a time in your life where you have to choose whether or not you're gonna jump off the cliff with everyone else or take a selfie. 

We stopped for lunch to refuel before getting back on the water. 

 Monkey AND Jellyfish beach. These monkeys were not friendly, tolerant but I wouldn't call them friendly. And the tourist were BOLD, I mean like, you should be attacked BOLD, and one of them did.

At the next location I finally got out of the boat, with my life jacket! Side note: I can swim (enough to save my life) but I've had lots of not great experiences in the ocean, so we're not besties.

Our "not speaka no English" tour guide! He was very friendly, you can understand a smile in every language. 

We headed back to the hotel to chill for the rest of the day by the pool, my kind of water.

Last stop is Phuket, stick around!!


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Thank you Claudia!!!

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