Sunday, April 10, 2016

On This National Siblings Day…

Noelle has a special message, look close…

She's going to be a BIG SISTER!!! We are so excited for another Baby Hazley this year, we are so thankful to God for this tremendous blessing. 

 Nail art was such a big part of my pregnancy with Noelle that it was a no brainer I would paint her nails for the first time for this special occasion. She said she was "big sesster" for the rest of the day. We have no doubt that Noelle is going to be a great big sister. Thanks so much to Nest Children's Boutique in Denver, CO. for providing this super cute outfit for Noelle. So excited to shop there for our new little one! Due date sticker from Lucy Darling. And you already know Natalie Elizabeth Photography was behind the camera! Every shoot we do with her is my new favorite, you did it again friend! 

We're so excited!! And I promise more blog posts once we come back from Thailand :)

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