Thursday, March 3, 2016

Talk NELLY To Me

Things are moving so fast over here! Noelle is doing something new everyday and saying new phrases that have Tj and I constantly asking each other "did you hear her?". She is so entertaining and we get a kick out of something she does daily. We recently had the conversation about how amazing this stage is. We are just in awe of her vocabulary these days and how she is communicating. Children are simply amazing and you realize God's genius when you get the opportunity to raise one of these precious beings. In this picture Noelle had just asked me to put my lipstick on her. She saw me with it on the night before as Tj and I left for a date night. She noticed it in my purse went through my purse and found it. I walked her to the mirror and she was so excited to see it on herself. 

I find myself asking, how did you know to say or ask that? I woke her up in the morning and asked her is she was ready to eat because I had cooked. 
Nelly: Mommy cook?
Me: Yes. Are you ready to eat?
Nelly: What you cook? (With a smirk on her face)
I burst out laughing, she asked as if my answer determined if she was to get up. My answer pleased her and she got up and headed to the kitchen. 

Late one night she was in our bed before I headed in after her to take her to her room. She was lying next to Tj and started singing. 
Nelly: Clap your hands!
Tj: I'm going to sleep Noelle.
Nelly: Oh, sorry Daddy, sorry!
Tj couldn't help but giggle!

We were all hanging out in the living room when I mentioned that I needed to add more hot water to the sink to thaw the chicken for dinner. Noelle made up a song on the spot, "water and chicken, water and chicken" with the dance moves to match. I sneezed the other day and she said "bless you". She has recently picked up the habit of saying "umm" when searching for the right words to say. I can't get enough of it. We are being extra careful to not say things we don't want her repeating. And although Tj and I have pretty clean language I am so quick to say things like "SHUT UP" when hearing a crazy story, I am known to be a little animated. I don't want those words coming out of her pretty little mouth so I am trying my best to be on my A game but I know it's only a matter of time. 

Have any funny toddler talking stories? Comment below, I'd love to hear them!!


Unknown said...

When for two seconds you tune your 2y/o out, but all of a sudden you clearly hear "Mommy, I talkin' you". Should I add that when her nail/toenail polish begins to chip she says "Oh Mommy happened, polish gone".

At this age our little darlings are learning all there is to know around them...I just never expected to hear "Ooohh look Mommy, ABC" while passing an ABC liquor store!


MrsHazleyAndABaby said...

OMG how cute!!! That is hilarious, thanks for sharing :)