Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mountain Getaway

Sometimes life gets complicated, frustrating, disappointing, that's when you go to the beach. But we're not in Florida anymore so it was to the mountains we went. The mountains were calling my name, I was having withdrawals so we went up for a short overnight trip so I could get my life. I really needed this little getaway, work had me feeling a little run down. Being in the midst of God's amazing creations make me feel closer to Him. 

Usually when we come to the mountains, we drop off Noelle and head for the slopes but this was a family trip so she got her first lift ticket.

The air was thin a short nap resulted.

When we got to the top a snow fort awaited us.

The slides were a no brainer! 

After sliding to her hearts content, it was time for some tubing, mini style.

We always wanted to do a Kat tour.

On the way down, the gondola was shut down because of the wind. Which led us here, down the lift. Thank God Noelle was sleeping, I about had a heart attack having to take her down this way. 

To end our festivities for the day we went to a party at the resort. 

 It was wild!

There was face painting but Noelle wanted NOTHING to do with it.  

After mom got one her hand, she warmed up to the idea.

The trip was just what I needed, time away with my little family. He calmed my mind and filled my heart, thank you Lord.

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