Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just Me

So excited to finally share my photo shoot with my friend Natalie Suner!! But because this shoot is just of me, it makes me a little uncomfortable posting. It's easy when it's my family but just me seems a little strange so along with the photos I am going to share some things about me that you may not know and some of them are a little embarrassing. I am all about transparency and being real so I figured why not and it would make this a little more interesting.

1. I am 10 pounds over weight in these photos and although I am not the most comfortable with my body at this point, these are my absolute favorite pictures of myself. 
2. I sing on my church's worship team. It took EVERYTHING in me to step forward and say that I wanted to sing. I really didn't want to do it but I felt God was pushing me to worship Him in that specific fashion, I am glad I was obedient. 
3. Not smiling in a photo feels really strange to me. The whole "sexy" face thing is completely awkward for me and does not fit my personality whatsoever.
4. I pick up on the vibes of others easily and pay very close attention to my surroundings. I am really observant and most times it serves me very well.
5. I HATE boogers, on any human beings, old or young. If I know you, I will tell you and I would expect you to do the same for me! Noelle poor thing probably hates having her diaper changed because I usually use that time to also clean her nose. I can not stand seeing children with dirty noses, it drives me up a wall. 
6. The first thing I look at in photos of myself is my eyebrows! If my eyebrows look good, I'm pretty happy.
7. I have a fear of wiping off my eyebrow(s) and being far from home and not being able to put them "back on".
8.  As a child I was really self conscious of my forehead until my favorite supermodel shared her love for her five head. #TyraBanks
9. I danced all through high school and had dreams of becoming a back up dancer and never really had to the guts to pursue it. 
10. I am not a selfie a day kind of girl and never will be. I think there is something alluring about quite confidence. 
11. I have always wanted three children since I could remember. I have no idea if we'll be a family of 5 one day but I will always hold out hope. 
12. I am not with the games on Instagram. I am not a Petty Betty but I cannot stand when people follow you just to get a follow, then unfollow you. I am not here for it and I will block you. Ok maybe a little petty!
13. Friday After Next is my favorite movie of all time. 
14. I could never relate to the meme that says "I LOVE God……and Trap music", until there was Fetty Wap! Lol, we are going to see him in concert this month and I am so hype. I have always been an R&B girl but I am so looking forward to this concert!
15. I took several swim lessons as a child and even had a pool in my backyard and still didn't learn to swim until I was 13 years old. 

Can you relate to any of these? Let me know, don't leave me hanging!

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