Friday, January 22, 2016

Get Us Out Of This House

Winter has us itching for some activities outside the house. This winter in Denver is a little different for us because Noelle now says "outside" and she wants out. She cries when it's time to come back in some days. I feel so horrible about keeping her cooped up in here. For both our sanities, WE NEED OUT! But I need some of you real snow bunnies advance on things to do. 

We recently took a trip to The Children's Museum in Denver and had a great time with our friends Kristen and Ellington. 


I know some of you are thinking "Winter? Yeah right, you guys don't even have coats on"! Well Denver winters are very bearable most days and it is beautiful even on the coldest of days but this is very much winter to me.
It was a great morning out of the house and I'll have to start putting things on the calendar to do with her on my days off. Any suggestions for good winter activities?
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