Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas + New Years At A Glance

So I'm super late posting but because I still see Christmas decorations up I feel safe to share our last couple of weeks during the holidays! We had family in town for the a week during Christmas and the fun was endless. Christmas day was a blast and the days that followed were just as fun. We headed to Orlando on the 31st so I could celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday! We stayed just long enough for us to also celebrate my mom's birthday, it was a great holiday season. We are back in Denver and I have officially started as a staff member at the children's hospital. 2016 is sure to be a great year and we are thanking God in advance for the blessings He will bestow upon us. 

Noelle had a great Christmas morning! As expected my postal paper wrapping was a fail for her to get into, I won't do that again. Out of all the things she received, her favorite no doubt has been her small stuffed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. Thanks again for the idea Vicki!!

 We baked cookies on Christmas Eve and I was so close to saying to hell with it because the whining and tears were too much to handle. Watching the cookies in the oven created a complete cookie monster meltdown. 

 They weren't pretty but they didn't last long!

We spent Christmas afternoon on the ice!

We ended the night with an amazing meal and a movie.

 She just had to bring her friends!

Other highlights with the family included tubing and of course snowboarding!

We made it to Orlando on New Years Eve just in time to celebrate with my bestie Blair's 30th birthday celebration!

 We also got to celebrate my mom's birthday with our family which was the icing on the cake for another great trip home! #blessed

Now by show of hands, how many people still have their Christmas decorations up? 

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