Thursday, December 17, 2015


Who would've thought it? Wyoming! I can honestly say I never thought I'd see this state, EVER! Being in Colorado has helped open our eyes to a different part of the country that we would have never cared to see previously, no offense to you Wyomingites. After our Christmas shoot we made a break for it. It was a short but oh so sweet look into the home where the cowboys roam.

We headed to the Terry Bison Ranch to do what I thought was a train ride through some wild life. Little did I know!

I'm sorry Alice but I've got nothing for you. Call me what you want but I was not putting my digits anywhere near her mouth, so I dared Tj to.  Guest are no longer allowed to ride the camel because they would buck off their riders by dislocating their front legs. 

"Ask me what day it is one more time".

"Wait, we're feeding the what?"

You would have thought Noelle was feeding puppies, she was so relaxed and wanted to feed every one of them.

Please note these bison are domesticated, do not try this in the wild!

We had such a great time making these memories with Noelle. We made it back to town just in time for the Denver Parade of Lights, what a great day!

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