Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ornament Party

This time last year, Noelle and I had our first ornament making party surrounded by our dearest friends and all the members of the NC3L baby crew. I wasn't expecting anything of the sorts this year being in Denver without our family. Then something happened, we were invited to an ornament party with our new friends!! It was our first time painting together and after she figured out it wasn't meant for eating, the fun was under way!

Our host Kristen had muffins and fruit for the kiddies and THE BEST hot chocolate I have ever had warming in a crockpot! I am totally using this recipe for when our family comes into town this week. Kristen is a very talented painter (site here) and took no issue with our kids painting in her living room.

 She broke the snowflake but it still made it's way to the tree!

God is good and I'm happy that instead of me being sad about not being with friends back home God has opened doors for me to build new relationships here. 


Joanne K. said...

Awww!!! I wish we were there for all the fun and especially the hot chocolate!!! I am so glad you were able to keep up this new tradition with new friends too!! Tis the season where He makes it all happen !

MrsHazleyAndABaby said...

Seriously, I am so grateful to GOD! You should totally try the hot chocolate!