Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Elle's 19 & 20 Month Update

Say it with yo chest!!! Someone is saying no with all kinds of chutzpah these days, like she really means it or else. Well ma'm you've got the right kind of parents for that, hmmmm! Discipline has been the name of the game over here at the Hazley household. We are overjoyed for the terrific two's, and I've been hearing a lot lately that having threenager is even more exciting! Noelle is finding new ways to communicate with us everyday, she repeats everything which keeps us on our best behavior. We are constantly calling each other's attention to what she's doing. She is so entertaining and dancing has been her passion for the last couple of months. She gets down to the beat of her own drum, no music required. She is a little dancing queen in the making and I am loving it. 

She has a major obsession with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and demands to see them on the TV. She loves coloring her giant Mickey Mouse pages and dancing along with her Halloween themed Minnie Mouse. Her current favorite songs are head and shoulders and the ABC's. She is recognizing her letters and recalling at least 10 of them, along with most of her numbers. Spoons are for some odd reason now a favorite "toy". She can now reach the drawer where they are kept and she loves to get out every spoon of hers she can find and spread them across the floor. Animal sounds are so much fun to teach and Noelle is great at making them, I think her favorite may be the Alligator. 

Food is becoming an option for her and she picks and chooses what she will and will not eat. Veggies are beginning to fade as a favorite (especially broccoli) and we are doing our best to keep them in the running. We are working on our manners and please and thank you are becoming learned behaviors. She uses the iPad for plane rides and when she gets her hair done. Because of our frequent travel and how often she gets her hair done she has learned the iPad is where Minnie and Mickey live at the touch of a button. She asks for the iPad by name so frequently that she won't play with her toys and only wants the iPad. We are now hiding it from her, so it has become a game of who's smarter. Noelle 3, parents 1. 

Favorite Five

19 & 20 Months

Noelle is great at putting her shapes in the correct spot and we get to work on colors and shapes at the same time. 
We have several Sophie books and this one is great for learning our colors. 
Anything Mickey Mouse is pretty much and win. Her favorite Mickey book involves a fire trucks so we had to get a fire truck!
We literally hid this book from her at my parents house. We were reading it about 5 times a day. OMG it's so long but she absolutely loved it and could pick it out of a huge bookcase full of books.
She loves tackling her plush elephant and using him as a pillow. We make our elephant sounds 

We are gearing up for potty training and we sure could use some suggestions! How old were your toddlers when you started potty training? What worked best?

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