Friday, November 20, 2015

Double Date Nights

Date nights are always fun right? Wrong, sometimes they are a freaking blast!!!! And we had the pleasure of having them back to back. While our besties were in town we painted it red while the kids slept. Well Liam slept, apparently Noelle was making the babysitter work for her money by coming out of our room and chatting her up for another couple hours past her bedtime. But enough about the kids, the adults had a great time. I love that our friends are able to separate from being in mom and dad mode and really have a good time and talk about adult topics. We have so many memories together before our kids and we are so blessed to continue to make memories with and without our children.

The first night was filled with different foods and yummy drinks!

We loved this speak easy so we had to bring De and Somaiya to check it out! drink called the 'Coco Buttah'!

What you know bout that petty cab life? 

What I wore night #1

This pink knit sweater from H&M is so comfy and a perfect fit with these acid wash jeans, which by the way I hope I look much thicker in than these models! These suede fringe booties have been my favorite this fall. I paired the look with a feathered necklace that I've had for years.
We weren't sure things would go off as smooth the second night, but everyone behaved for the babysitter and it was parents night out again!! 
We heard of this really cool place called Avanti Food and Beverage. There are seven restaurant concepts housed in shipping containers with a full bar in the front. It was the coolest food court I had ever been to. 

 The food was so good! Some of the items included lamb and grits, pork belly tacos and this shrimp and noodle bowl.

We tried to get to a different speak easy but the wait was at least 2 hours, so Green Russel it was!!! #cocobuttahgang

What I wore night #2

I was so geeked to find something for our date night so last minute because it usually NEVER happens that way! I know I'm not the only one that can't find ANYTHING when you're actually looking. I was even more hype when I walked out of Forever 21 paying only $30 for these black skinny jeansblack fedora and keep it simple tee. I paired it with a short black jacket I already had but here's a similar short jacket here. I wore black booties I've had for a long time but I found a great deal for these cute black booties here. For my makeup that night I had a dramatic winged eye, used format blush from MAC and my favorite fall color on my lips

Any fun plans for the weekend? Tj and I will be heading to Miami for the COWBOYS vs. dolphins game!! You already know!

Team Cajuste Pays A Visit

When your friends come into town and you know nobody can tell y'all nothing…..
The Cajuste's were HERE!!! Our travel buddies came from Orlando to visit us and we couldn't have had a better time. We loved watching our kids play together and even got to have some date nights which I will post separately later today! Our first adventure was snowboarding, or for the Cajuste's, falling!! HA! We made our way to Keystone mountain which we had never been to. It was really cool and Tj and I can't wait to go back now that they have more runs open!

My board is hot, and that moose just set it off!!!! 

The next day we got to the top of Pike's Peak where the song "America The Beautiful" was written.

On Saturday morning we headed for mimosa's and kept it local in Denver for the rest of the day, the kids had enough of the car seats and long car rides. 

Straight chillin'.

These two gave us all the cuteness we could handle for the week. They played so well together and were so very entertaining to watch!

2015 toddlers!

Stayed tuned for the turn up! LOL! Date night post including what I wore will be posted later today!!
 Happy Friday friends!!!!