Thursday, October 8, 2015


Bon Bini!!! The island of Aruba was never on my bucket list because of….you know. Well we felt no danger on this desert island and it gave me a generous dose of "get yo life"!! You know that feeling when you get a chance to just feel like you? To have a no kid zone, get your sexy back, get dolled up for yourself and your husband, whatever you want to call it, it was all that for me. It was really nice to get away with just my husband and close friends. After a crazy summer it was a great way to reconnect. There are lots of pictures so do some finger and wrist exercises because you will be scrolling but you won't regret it!

 Our friends of many years made the journey with us, the stories we came away with are priceless!

 Night one at SeƱor Frogs!

 Started the next day with a private jeep tour of the island.

The natural bridge.

 There was a new cave discovered on the island and the people were out to jump their crazy selves in it!!

But when you have "SALT LIFE" tatted across your chest I guess it's expected! LIES!!!!

There were stacked rocks all over the island from the tourist making wishes. 

 We were really surprised to find out that the island was desert land and that they aren't able to grow any of their own fruits or vegetables. And there's your lesson for the day, you are welcome!

  The night was still young so out we went, first to dinner then a lounge and somehow we found a beach party that was all too interesting to get to! It was also the night of the blood moon!

Day 3 was all about the water, and Lord knows this is not my favorite part of these trips believe it or not. I am such a pool a girl and I can spend all day at the beach, like on a lounge chair, on the land!!! But you get me out in that water and you best believe I will be hanging on to you. I can swim enough to save my life but when that panic hits I might just take you down with me. 

Somebody lied (me) and thought it was ok to go snorkeling! I have had 3 failed snorkeling attempts, like the kind where you have to be rescued from the little boat type of #fail (that was only once)! Tj will never let some of these stories die and I was determined to turn that around, or at the least not completely embarrass myself in front of our friends. So I got my happy self out of the boat and gave it my best shot. Well my best wasn't good enough the first go round, thank GOD no one has pictures. I nearly hyperventilated and got back on the boat. I took a few deep breaths and said a quick prayer and decided to go out and give it another try. And this time I got proof of my accomplishments, thanks Shari!

 Yep that's me, arms out, breathing like I was in lamaze class!

And then my friends were just showing off, going down the slide, catching star fish and jumping off the side of the boat. All while Shari and I looked on, you can have that!!!

 After a successful (no deaths) day on the water we took a 45 minute taxi to this restaurant that was supposed to be so bomb and all the locals go here and la la la. Well we got there and the taxi driver forgot to mention before we gave him our coins that the place was closed on Monday's!!!! Stranded and hungry, we were told by a really nice man that there was a restaurant up the street. To our astonishment  the place was breath taking. It could not have been a better place to spend our last night together. The food was amazing, God is good you understand me!!!


I say this often but I really thank God that He allows us to visit these places He has so wonderfully made. To see His works in different parts of the world is such an incredible blessing! Hope you all enjoyed!! What are some of your most memorable trips? 


Anonymous said...

Hi! Oh, I love your jumper outfit :) Not sure I could pull that look off, but you look fabulous! I'm so glad you had this opportunity to connect with your husband and yourself a bit after this crazy summer. Hugs!

MrsHazleyAndABaby said...

Thanks Lauren!!! It was so needed and such a blessing :)