Monday, August 10, 2015

Two Birthdays + A Family Gathering

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here! With flying to Orlando again, coming home to Denver for a couple days before going to NYC for four days, then coming home and working four 12 hour shifts in a row, which I have NEVER done! Aside from being a little dazed from the hectic coming and going, I am so happy to sit in front of this computer and tell you all about it.

By now I'm sure most of you believe we still live in Orlando as much as we are there and honestly it feels that way sometimes. Being able to go home so often has made the transition of moving away from ALL of our family and friends so much easier. This visit was a blast with two of the five babies in my Mom group known as NC3L (Noelle + CARISE + Carter + CARTER + Liam) turned the big one! This same weekend ended up being a small family reunion in St. Pete. It was a great time to be home! Get ready for birthday party pics that will have you running to Pinterest!!! These mama's did an amazing job! Hooray for discovery that your child won't get another birthday party until they are 16! I was able to spend some much needed time with my nephews and some friends. I had dinner at one of my favorite places in Orlando, Greens and Grille with my bestie and then hit my favorite sushi spot with my friend Liz!

The first birthday bash belonged to Carter Lee!! His theme was "CIRCUS" and the decorations were out of this world. His mother Erica put together the most amazing team to help her pull off this masterpiece. They should no doubt start a business doing this. Leslie Natal, Jackie Natal and the amazing cake lady Kirsi Duran (who also did Noelle's birthday cake) were a dream team!

The Ring Master himself!!!
Carise was appropriately dressed for the theme!!

No circus is complete without a face painter :)

Unfortunately Noelle didn't get to make the bash but I had so much fun getting to play with all the kiddos I'd missed so much!!!

Joanne came through on the birthday board!

Birthday #2 was floral themed and belonged to none other than our princess Carise!! Her mom Joanne is as crafty as they come and to honor her blooming into one, we all wore floral headbands!

The smash cake and cake pops were made by our amazing friend Somaiya who just started her very own cake business, check out her instagram page!

It was hard to catch Ms. Riley!

Joanne is a huge fan of photo booths, you may remember her 30th birthday bash I posted a few months back. Well this occasion was no different :)

St. Pete always involves two things: lots of laughter and crabs!! Though I typically enjoy the potatoes and corn more than the crabs, I just can't resist eating at least one. In the same time I have eaten one, most of the family hasn't broken into three! My nephews in no way were going to miss hanging out with their super cool cousin Solomon and seeing Noelle dance the night away was too much to handle. It was the perfect setting, the cool breeze from the beach just steps away, a live band including a Hazley and the laughter from family. My bomb margarita was just the cherry on top!

Sunday we had the pleasure of hearing my niece Sierra bring the word for the day! She stepped out of her comfort zone for Christ and we were all so proud!!

Hope you all had a great start to your week!!!

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